News - Holiday Feedback - Enid Pamment Dubrovnik 2015

Many thanks to Enid Pamment for her feedback following her group holiday with us to Dubrovnik in 2015. It was very nice to read, we think you’ll agree. If you have stories of your holiday experiences with just for groups! please do get in touch.





My Leisure Group Trip – Dubrovnik – 2015

When we decided to take our group to Dubrovnik, little did I realise the impact this would cause.  I asked just for groups! to arrange this holiday on our behalf some 12 months in advance,  As soon as the holiday appeared on my monthly newsletter, bookings were received and it did not take long for the allocation of airline seats and hotel rooms to be filled.  Unfortunately nearing the time for last minute arrangements, I received six cancellations, through ill health etc. and although I still had a list of people wanting to go, the airline company was not exactly helpful and would only accept a cancellation and re-booking with the new clients (at their price!!)  At this stage just for groups! were very helpful and proved a very reliable ‘back up’ which I was eternally grateful for!  The day of departure finally came and when our coach picked us up for the airport we were one lady short, only to be told that on leaving her house she had fallen down the stairs and broken her ankles – what a shock and we finished up following the ambulance which was going to collect her! What a start!

We arrived in Dubrovnik a little concerned as what else may go wrong! However, we were pleasantly surprised, the hotel complex was superb overlooking the sea where we could watch the cruise liners travelling in and out of the Port. Everyone relaxed having settled into their rooms and found their way around the complex. 

Our local coach driver Gary had asked if he and his lady friend could join us together with his uncle and partner. I was quite flattered to think they wanted to come, but they were good fun and everyone was more than happy. During the second week, they decided to get engaged which caused great excitement, also we had three birthdays taking place! They bought the ring and told us they were hoping to get married in September.

What an end to a wonderful holiday, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay, the weather was superb together with the ambience of the complex and everyone was so kind and helpful.

On behalf of our Leisure Group we would like to thank the staff at just for groups! for all their help which continued with their assistance for the poor lady who had suffered the fall and was still in hospital. With a lot of ‘backwards and forwards’ she eventually got her money back again with the help of just for groups! who certainly went ‘that extra mile’  The lady in question although still undergoing treatment, is gradually improving and has booked to join us with just for groups! on the Dutch Waterways Cruise in April 2016.

Footnote: I was privileged and kindly invited to attend Gary and his partner Jo’s wedding which took place on a beautiful sunny day last September, in the grounds of Swiss Gardens which are adjacent to Shuttleworth Aircraft Museum. The grounds are so pretty and whilst the ceremony was taking place the sun shone through the open brickwork of the little round building. Their wedding was small in numbers but the atmosphere was superb and everything went just like a dream. This was certainly a wedding to be remembered which all stemmed from our holiday in Dubrovnik!                   Enid