Meet the Team

Carol,Administration Support


Administration Support

I have lived in the Far East, the Middle East, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and now Norfolk!

Over the years I have also travelled to many different countries all around the world so as you can see I am well suited to a job in the travel industry, I even managed to run my own ski business for a few years in between!

I started working for 'just for groups!' in January 2004 so I think I have finally taken root and found my dream job, although I always had an ambition to be a pop singer in my younger days!

Like my colleagues I enjoy getting to know our customers personally and looking after their day to day administration needs. With so many of them being regulars you do get to develop a strong rapport with them and we all work hard to try and make the organisers task of arranging their holiday an enjoyable experience.

I think it is our friendly disposition that attracts so many groups to travel with us. I make good use of my experience to ensure clients are always at ease, know that they are important to us and will be well looked after.

As with any business we have our peak periods when we have several thousand passengers on the move over a short period. Those are the times when it can be really challenging, processing rooming lists and travel documents. The benefits of being part of a larger organisation are always evident, ensuring that many hands make light work!