From the plains of Africa to mystical Latin America to the serene beauty of the Canadian landscape, the world really is your oyster, and just for groups! can help arrange the holiday of a lifetime for you and your members. Working with our industry partners we offer an inspiring choice of holidays, many of which feature the luxury of 'Door to Door' travel, and exclusive just for groups! savings and added value for groups and individual members.


Think USA and what is the first thing that comes to mind? The New York skyline? The magnificent Grand Canyon? Hollywood, land of dreams? Whatever it is we can do it...

Australia and New Zealand

Australia is a land of open skies and dramatic landscapes. white sand beaches and cultural cities, while neighbouring New Zealand will simply take your breath away.


From 'Ancient China's Wonders' to the 'Mysteries of India' and the 'Three Kingdoms of Indochina', Asia has boundless adventures to offer the intrepid group traveller.


Awe-inspiring comes to mind when you think of what Canada has to offer, from breathtaking Niagara Falls to the dramatic Rockies, it really is ideal to share the highlights as a group.

Africa and the Middle East

Our range of destinations knows no boundaries, from the 'Plains of Africa' to a 'Journey to the Holy Land', our groups really do travel the world!

South America

A land of volcanoes, deserts and jungles, beautiful beaches and vibrant cities, and home to the Amazon River, the Andean Mountains and the Inca Trail. The holiday of a lifetime awaits!